De Grote Schijn returns to Rotterdam this autumn with a luminous anniversary edition. Once again, the Kralingse Bos forms the compelling backdrop for a magical autumn walk in the darkness. Whispering trees, fascinating light projections and enchanting sounds bring the forest to life!

For the fifth time, you will be immersed in a magical world where technology, music and nature come together during a breathtaking show of about two kilometres long. During the walk, you will discover surprises behind every tree and discover secrets that will leave you in awe.

Creative director Christophe Van Hostauijen gives a sneak preview for this special anniversary edition: “We will be working with many light, sound and network technologies to make everything even more captivating and impressive this year. Visitors can expect to a surreal audio experience that will immerse them in an almost cinematic world as soon as they walk through the gate.”

De Grote Schijn 2024 takes place every evening after sunset, from 24 October to 10 November. 


De Grote Schijn may take place in the forest but we do not want to disturb anything that grows and blooms. We want to be able to let visitors enjoy all the beauty that the Kralingse Bos has to offer. Most of the walking route goes along existing paths and is planned in consultation with the area manager and ecologists who closely monitor the flora and fauna in the area. Time slots help spreading the number of visitors on the route. All lights go out at 11pm.

On behalf of De Grote Schijn, the ecological effects of the event are assessed by an external organisation. We are very pleased that their findings show that our team is taking all possible measures to minimise the impact on flora and fauna and that the animals in the forest show little to no signs of being affected by the activities around De Grote Schijn. We ask visitors to do their bit by not leaving the paths during the walk, not using a flash while taking photos, and to dispose of their waste (separated) in the bins.

In terms of catering, we are trying to make more sustainable choices each edition. The (crew) catering, for instance, features mostly local and organic choices. The cleaning agents and the (as little as possible) disposables we use are organic and eco-friendly. At the catering square, all food is served in biodegradable materials. In addition, we separate our waste. For instance, 100% of our rPET cups are recycled into new cups.

In the context of energy saving, we focus on efficient use of equipment to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. We use electric vehicles for part of the assembly and disassembly, which allows us to save fuel. We will also continue to explore the ways to further reduce our ecological footprint in the future with our suppliers and the municipality.

Ways our visitors can help us:

  • Travel to De Grote Schijn by (cargo)bike or public transport! There is a free bicycle parking next to the entrance. If you do come by car, there is no parking directly around De Grote Schijn. Park & Ride Kralingse Zoom is a 15 minute walk away.
  • Stay on the paths and enjoy the beauty and power of nature in silence. There are plenty of opportunities to take photos, please make sure you turn off the flash. We will provide the necessary light show.
  • Help us separate waste so we can recycle it into new products. For example, with your help, 100% of our rPET cups will be recycled. Deposit your waste in the bins before or after the route or take it home.

We can only enjoy the magic in a clean forest! 

Tickets available via Ticketmaster