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What is De Grote Schijn?

Immersive experience
Outdoor activity 

Immerse yourself in a magical autumn walk!

De Grote Schijn invites you for a breathtaking evening stroll, full of audiovisual wonders. Whispering trees, fascinating light projections, and captivating sounds orchestrate a magical experience.

Embark on a new two-kilometer journey, where nature, music, and technology intertwine to create a world like no other. Prepare to be awestruck by the illuminating wonders of nature and discover the Kralingse Bos in an entirely new light. An unforgettable experience for all ages!

De Grote Schijn 2024 | teaser ✨

What our visitors say:

Fantastic light experience. Completely different compared to, say, Glow in Eindhoven, which is in a city. This is in a dark forest, where light and sound interact with the surroundings in an impressive manner. Wonderful to see and experience! The trees, grounds and surroundings have been used to accentuate the play of light in a wonderful way.

Marlous de Haan

Awesome! Really great fun to do. Just walking around and being amazed by nature and the light show. Very nice!

Kyra Kath

Very well done. An amazing experience. The light effects and music create an almost magical atmosphere.

Jan van Vulpen

It was a fantastic experience! We will go back again next year.

Maaike van Santen

It was magical! Nature illuminated so beautifully. It was worth every euro. The children were watching in breathless wonder. Thank you!

Mirjam Kroese

Simply a beautiful forest walk. Gives a whole new dimension to a forest walk.

Talitha Diederen

So beautiful to see how they manage to bring the forest to life through light and sound. They make you realise that nature is a huge living creature that we need to take care of.

Jeanne Mast-Horsten

Amazing experience impossible to explain or show on film or photo. You really have to experience this for yourself.

Lesley Nieuwmeijer

De Grote Schijn

How to reach De Grote Schijn in Rotterdam?

De Grote Schijn in Rotterdam is located at the south east side of the Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam. The entrance is near the intersection of Prinses Beatrixlaan and Stinsenlaantje. Park at P+R Kralingse Zoom when travelling by car.

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De Grote Schijn
De Grote Schijn
De Grote Schijn
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De Grote Schijn
De Grote Schijn
De Grote Schijn
De Grote Schijn
De Grote Schijn
De Grote Schijn
De Grote Schijn

Frequently asked questions

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First choose the day you want to visit De Grote Schijn in Rotterdam. Then select the desired time slot under ‘choose my seats’. You can enter during this 15-minute time slot. Please double check which date and time slot is on your ticket. It is not possible to visit De Grote Schijn at another location or time than the date and time slot stated on your ticket. It is not possible to change the time slot after booking.

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A piece of magic hidden on the edge of the city.

De Grote Schijn returns to Rotterdam this autumn with a luminous anniversary edition. Once again, the Kralingse Bos forms the compelling backdrop for a magical autumn walk in the darkness. Whispering trees, fascinating light projections and enchanting sounds bring the forest to life!

For the fifth time, you will be immersed in a magical world where technology, music and nature come together during a breathtaking show of about two kilometres long. During the walk, you will discover surprises behind every tree and discover secrets that will leave you in awe.

Creative director Christophe Van Hostauijen gives a sneak preview for this special anniversary edition: “We will be working with many light, sound and network technologies to make everything even more captivating and impressive this year. Visitors can expect to a surreal audio experience that will immerse them in an almost cinematic world as soon as they walk through the gate.”

De Grote Schijn 2024 takes place every evening after sunset, from 24 October to 10 November. 

De Grote Schijn will be open in the evening until 11pm from 24 October to 10 November 2024. Please be aware that the last possibility to enter the forest is 9:45pm. As it is getting dark earlier and earlier, the times the lights are switched on vary.

Thursday24 October6:45pm – 11pm
Friday25 October6:45pm – 11pm
Saturday26 October6:45pm – 11pm
Sunday27 October5:30pm – 11pm
Monday28 October5:30pm – 11pm
Tuesday29 October5:30pm – 11pm
Wednesday30 October5:30pm – 11pm
Thursday31 October5:30pm – 11pm
Friday1 November5:15pm – 11pm
Saturday2 November5:15pm – 11pm
Sunday3 November5:15pm – 11pm
Monday4 November5:15pm – 11pm
Tuesday5 November5:15pm – 11pm
Wednesday6 November5:15pm – 11pm
Thursday7 November5:15pm – 11pm
Friday8 November5:15pm – 11pm
Saturday9 November5:15pm – 11pm
Sunday10 November5:15pm – 11pm

To avoid queues at the entrance and make the experience as pleasant as possible, we work with time slots of 15 minutes. After choosing your day, you can choose a time slot during which you can enter. It is not possible to change the time slot after booking.

Prefer to be flexible when it comes to the time slots? This is possible with a flex ticket. With a flex ticket you don’t have to stick to a time slot and you can choose when you enter the forest on your chosen day through a separate entrance.

There is plenty of time to walk at your own pace. The route is easily accessible and about 2 kilometres. The lights will go out at 11pm.

De Grote Schijn in Rotterdam takes place on the east-south side of the Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam. The entrance is near the intersection of Prinses Beatrixlaan number 7 and Stinsenlaantje.  Find a detailed plan of the area on the Plan Your Visit page. 

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Tickets available via Ticketmaster